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Dr Sheldon Magder

Critical Care Department, Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Sheldon Magder is a Professor of Medicine and Physiology at McGill University and a Senior Physician at the McGill University Health Centre. He graduated from the University of Toronto and did his residency there in internal medicine and cardiology. He subsequently did research Fellowships in Stockholm Sweden and Stanford University in California with a major interest in exercise physiology and heart-lung interactions. He was previously the director of the division of critical care medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the director of the McGill Royal College program in Critical Care medicine. He is currently a critical care physician at the McGill University Health Centre and director of the McGill Critical Care Research Fellowship program.

Research Focus: 

Dr Magder has had a long standing interest in Heart-lung interactions and the control of cardiac output. Early studies were on respiratory muscle blood flow and vascular regulation. He has emphasized the importance of the use of central venous pressure and cardiac output to better manage the use of fluids.  His studies have been both in animal models and human subjects. His basic research has included studies on the role of the endothelium in the sepsis-induced abnormalities of vascular dysfunction. This has included studies on the cellular signalling responses to nitric oxide, oxygen radicals and oestrogen. He also has an ongoing interest in acid-base balance and fluid and electrolyte management.