Jeremy Smith

/ Dr. Jeremy Smith

Dr Jeremy Smith, Consultant Anaesthetist Sligo and lead clinician with The National Anaesthesia Programme. A graduate of University College Cork in 1985, he trained in Anaesthesia on the Southern scheme and post fellowship in 1989 as a Senior Registrar on the National Higher Professional Training Scheme. He obtained his certificate of specialist training in 1992. After this Dr Smith spent six months on an Anaesthesia teaching programme at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Tanzania.

He then worked for two years at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee doing research and Cardiac anaesthesia at the VA hospital. While there he was achieved a Master of Science degree in Physiology. He returned to Ireland in 1995 to take up his post in Sligo. Since then Dr Smith has served on the Council of the College of Anaesthetists as well as being a member of the Irish Standing Committee of the Association of Anaesthetists. He started work with the NCPA in March of 2015.