Nancy Redfern

/ Dr. Nancy Redfern

Mini Biography
Nancy Redfern is Immediate past Honorary Membership Secretary of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland. Clinically she works in Newcastle upon Tyne, with interests in obstetric and neuroanaesthesia.
Her interests include mentorship, education, doctors’ health and wellbeing and appraisal. She is currently working on ways of mitigating fatigue and the impact of ageing on performance at work.

She led the establishment of mentoring at the AAGBI, and the team of mentors now offer the opportunity to take an hour out of a conference to think about a current dilemma or opportunity. She leads mentor development programmes for Royal Colleges and Deaneries, and, as well as using mentoring for herself, has a wide experience of mentoring others, from trainees to Medical Directors and Deans.
Her 15 years of Deanery experience included managing flexible training, being Dean Director for Specialty training, with responsibility for 56 specialty programmes and briefly Lead Dean for two specialties. From this she has experience in curriculum development and delivery, workforce planning, recruitment and assessment. She has a Diploma in Education.

Problem-Solving in Medical Professionalism
This talk will consider the sorts of problems we meet that might relate to medical professionalism, and ways to approach managing these. Learning objectives for this session include
• Understanding the difference between puzzles and problems
• Reviewing ethical principles that underpin problem management
• Considering ways to hold an effective discussion with those involved