Roisin Nee

/ Roisin Nee

I am currently in my last year of training on the anaesthetic training scheme and am completing a special interest year in regional anaesthesia in Galway University Hospital.

As I approach the end of my anaesthetic training I have been reflecting on the incidents where I would have found debriefing useful in my career to date. There have been many times when I have gone home not knowing if what I did was the best thing for the patient or was the patient was worse for having me on call the night before. My mother is a volunteer with the Samaritans and I noticed her answering calls when she was a day leader. After every shift with the Samaritans the volunteers must ring the day leader and discuss every call they have received and how they dealt with them.

This helps the volunteers protect themselves and manage calls better in the future. It made me think that something like this would be useful in anaesthetics especially after critical incidents. I will be discussing the evidence behind debriefing in anaesthetics and options to introduce them.